Fender Style Decals for Guitar Restoration; Waterslides for Stratocaster or Telecaster style necks. Two with every order. I enjoy custom work as well.

This price includes two in each order, one for lacquer testing or
mis-application. I recommend the use of Micro-set and finishing with Micro-sol. It is the only method that has worked for me over the years and saved countless hours of sanding and spraying. No one that has done this work will sell you just one decal. So when you see a single metallic decal being sold for $20 US its a printing service in most cases.

My decals do not ship with a coating of acrylic and are not pre-polished and will usually require an acrylic lacquer like Crystal Clear to install, This can be found at your local super store.  You want to try and allow any finishes to cure properly. Bubbling or Melting can result  if your lacquer isn't matching, clean or is sprayed to close together. Its added layers for you to deal with but the end result can be great. Printing isn't flawless just as in the days of old, and pre-treating (acrylic) is how most shops account for this. It does make for an easier on top install and hides pixel size flaws, but it will in most cases be required for protection anyway. Most customers prefer coating them with their own lacquer or Varnish. Installation instructions are available in a PDF and will be sent by request by including a note with your order. It is recommended reading. It is cost prohibitive to include in the shipping. Please feel free to share tips and a photo so we can see the result.

Return Policy: If you for any reason do not like your decals, you must return them for a full refund or exchange within a 14 Day period. I value positive feedback but have found that a fair return policy is the best way to achieve full customer satisfaction. Exchanges are handled the same way. Postage will not be included in your refund, If exchanging an item I will pay and ship promptly. If you are trying to meet a deadline message me for exceptions. I know if you have someones guitar in your shop as in mine that you need to complete it in a timely manner. Honestly knowing what is shipping out the door, if you muff an install... message me and I will sell you two of the exact order for half price within 30 days. I value your business enough to meet you half way. I know not everyone is an expert or a Luthier. Thank You, in advance.

Note: Sorry only vintage reproductions only. Fender will provide you with a free Decal for most  current models. These products are custom made and are not affiliated with Fender. The Fender Bullet repro and a few others do require a serial number. If you can't make it out, message me for options. I enjoy custom orders but will not print profanity. Most custom decals are never more than those listed. I can use your artwork or you can allow me to create your decal. I do offer a later model Squire in Gold metallic to replace the older Black Affinity and Bass models, they are at the age where requests and custom orders were coming in for worn away lettering. Message me if you do not see your Model. All decals drawn are not listed. I know everyone has a favorite cleaner but I have been using Finger Ease without issues or any damage to my original decal or guitar finish. I have found that it offers more than just string protection and keeps my guitar looking nice. Nothing can accurately replace your original decal and replacements are always obvious. So case kept is best. Thanks

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