79' Fender custom made Anniversary body waterslide Decal


Custom Restoration decals. Laser quality but non-metallic. With your order you will receive two decals and a practice decal. You can mix and match your two picks but I suggest that you always have a back-up. This is not a sales pitch, just experience from using them doing my own work. I recommend watching online tutorials on the installation process and have personally found it very helpful. When placing your order I will need to know what number decal you would like. It can add days to your shipping time for me to message you back and I always try and ship nightly. Please consider using Micro Sol, this will help prevent silvering, instructions for this product are available on line as well.

Disclaimer: There are to many variables to guarantee your results, I am not responsible for the use of these products and their application. Like anything else the more prepared you are for your project the better the results, I posted a tutorial link below that I liked. Hope it is helpful. Thanks
* Decal images above are more vibrant and will include if desired a ultra thin coat of lacquer making it a little easier to apply.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkawGOSFjWQ<br />
Applying and cutting Waterslide Decals
Cut your decal(s), trimming as closely as possible to your printed image.I leave enough to thin down the edge before applying more coats of lacquer. Place the decal in a bowl of warm water for about 20-30 seconds until the decal begins separating from the liner. If it does not you can test if its ready by lifting it, from the bowl and moving it between your thumb and finger to see if it slides. Place decal edge to where you want it and slide the underside away from the decal. You may also slide small decals off first and then lay it down. To prevent bubbles, make sure your surface is wet, use either water or a wetting solution such as Micro Sol or Micro set. Please allow an hour to dry. Spray on your first coat of your favorite lacquer.

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