Hofner Metallic Gold Waterlide Decal


Hofner Metallic Gold Waterslide - Two decals with every order. There were two versions depending on the model year. This was used many years and specifically on the 63' and many others. It is sized and angled correctly in proportion to an instrument with a 1.5" nut width. I have the less angled version as well, that was used on the acoustic guitars. I will try and get that listed but it can be special ordered now if preferred. These are printed to order and there will be a drop down where you can choose with Umlaut's or without. As with all my decals, they are shipped un-treated and will require a finish equivalent to the original. Looking at some 60's models there was a distinct amount of varnish or lacquer used and the decal was an underneath application. The fine instrument classification and the added Hofner quality build was distinct in and of itself. If you are not capable of restoring yours. I would highly recommend the new metallic media with a peel off back and pre-cut to exact specs. This is not a vinyl cutout sticker that is available in some shops ( To thick to sell ).

Applying and cutting Waterslide Decals:
Cut your decal(s), trimming as closely as possible to your printed image. Place the decal in a bowl of room temperature water for about 10-15 seconds (Ultra Thin Media) and then remove and let sit on a paper towel until the decal will slide onto your work surface, I have been taking it out and removing any excess water and leaving it sit a little less than a minute. You can test if its ready by lifting it, try moving it between your thumb and finger to see if it slides, . Place decal edge to where you want it and slide the underside away from the decal keeping it parallel to the headstock. This ensures it slides off as flat as possible and minimizes wrinkles. Make sure your surface is a little wet, (couple drops smoothed out with your finger) to much will not allow the decal glue to adhere properly, use either water or a wetting solution such as Micro Sol or Micro set. Please allow to dry overnight. Apply your first coat of your favorite lacquer.

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